Video Conferencing is the convenient alternative to travel disturbances, delays and costly airfares.

At Jerusalem Business Center we provide three elegantly furnished meeting rooms fully equipped with   video conferencing facilities including  large screens.

During your video conferencing sessions, you will benefit from a professional business environment, full office equipment and secretaries available to help ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Hot and cold drinks will be served throughout the meeting. Extra catering is available at an additional cost.

Each meeting room sits 10 to 14 people.

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Benefits of Video Conferencing facilities:

  • Reduced travel costs.
  • Improved use of executive time.
  • Faster decision-making.
  • Keeping meetings brief and more focused than face-to-face meetings.
  • Enabling top management to quickly and effectively communicate with employees sitting in multiple locations.
  • Allowing virtual project management via video and data conferencing with geographically dispersed peer groups at short notice.
  • An effective way of delivering cost-efficient training to individuals without the requirement to consistently travel to central locations.

A medium for conducting interviews.