Monthly Office Rentals

Do you need an office for a long term rental commitment? Long term office rentals means contracting a specific and dedicated office for a full workday (US or IL hours). These contracts last for a minimum a month and can be extended indefinitely. So, there are really two aspects to a full commitment contract: full day and contract duration.If you are unsure about your commitment level or only want an office specific hours of the day, see our short-term rental plans. Or you can contact us at 02-539-1800 or at any time.

Dedicated Office

JBC long term managed and serviced officesReceive a key to your very own office in our Jerusalem center. When making a monthly commitment, you can consider that office yours. Store and lock items in your office. That office is guaranteed yours during your contract.Since it is your dedicated office, the default contract is exclusive. (Although a non-exclude reduced fee arrangement can be discussed with JBC management).

Additional Features

Your single monthly payment include utilities, building fees (vaad habayit), municipality taxes (arnona), maintenance, regular office cleaning and high speed wireless internet. However, there are also an additional feature that our long term clients enjoy. All long term contracts also receive 5 hours of meeting room time per month.