Office Plans

Our office plans satisfy any needs that you may have. Whether you want to use JBC as your office headquarters and need a full commitment or for sporadic hours, we are here. Take a look below and see which rental plan is most appropriate for you.

If you need help choosing between the two rental contracts, please call us at 02-539-1800 during business hours (9:00 am – 6:oo pm Sun -Thurs ILT). If it is after hours or otherwise do not want to call, you can also fill out a contact form.

Long-Term Rentals

Full Term (long term) contracts are best for established companies or independents. It is for those who need to work a full work day, either IL or US hours. This office plan is also appropriate for those who prefer exclusive access to their offices, regardless of actual daily usage. The reason for this could be that you desire proper office storage facilities as well.

Short-Term Rentals

If you need an office for just just a few hours a day, then flexible contracts are better suited for you. These offices cater to sporadic office users who don’t mind sharing with others (obviously not at the same time).