MicroPointing Mouse from Mofet B’Yehuda

Another addition to the mouse family has been announced, originating from the Mofet B’Yehuda  incubator, south of Jerusalem — and it’s really tiny, occupying just one square millimetre. Not only that but it’s more energy-efficient than ordinary mice and costs a third less to make.  Says the Ministry for Foreign Affairs website,


“Imagine, for example, a ring with a one-millimeter mouse as a remote control for a TV, instead of the current design – a rectangle with the mouse at the center. By making the mouse smaller, we can allow designers to make devices smaller, as well,” says Tamir. “And it would be a lot more intuitive to use than current devices.”

A mini-mouse would also presage a revolution in gaming. One of the biggest growth areas today, gaming devices are likewise centered on the 35-square-millimeter rocker, often making game play clumsy and difficult to master. A tiny button that controls the action would allow designers to make radical changes to gaming devices – and perhaps even inspire a whole new approach to games”.

Source: “MicroPointing mini-mouse points to cell phone revolution” by David Shamah, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 29 May 2011

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