Spotlight on business: a conference

“Spotlight on Business”, the Jerusalem Conference on Getting Started in Business, takes place this Thursday at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center Auditorium, 6 Nahon Street, Jerusalem. The participation fee is a very reasonable NIS 35 (just the cost of a couple of cups of coffee). The programme targets anyone who is […]

Upward rents make property an attractive business proposition

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has indicated that property rents in Israel remain buoyant especially since the preference for living in the centre of Israel tends to drive up rents in that zone.   This is good news for property investors in the private sector since the supply of public […]

Jerusalem “a great brand”, Barkat tells Canadians

Jerusalem’s mayor Nir Barkat has been on the road, carrying the message that Jerusalem is open for business and ready for any challenges.  In a speech to the Economic Club of Canada earlier this month Barkat, himself a former high-tech executive, spoke of his aim to transform Jerusalem into a thriving, open […]

Google, Israel Museum to see benefit from Dead Sea Scroll deal

Initially the 2,000+ year-old Dead Sea Scrolls were kept closely-guarded to the point at which access to them for research and other purposes was almost impossible. But now, according to a report last week, “High-quality digitized images of five of the 950 manuscripts were posted for free online for the […]

Light railway runs — but are market forces on track too?

The keenly-awaited launch of the Jerusalem light railway’s urban transport service last Friday passed with only a few minor delays, as an estimated 40,000 passengers piled in to the 14 trains in service and enjoyed the novelty of free trips (the NIS 6.40 fare, which gives unlimited travel for 90 […]

Arts and crafts fair mixes pleasure with business opportunities

This week marked the opening of Jerusalem’s annual International Arts and Crafts Fair (here), which runs until Saturday 27 August.  This event, now in its 36th year, will showcase the creative output of over 130 craftsmen and artists from 35 countries. The venue is the Khutzot Hayotzer Arts and Crafts […]