Jerusalem “a great brand”, Barkat tells Canadians

Jerusalem’s mayor Nir Barkat has been on the road, carrying the message that Jerusalem is open for business and ready for any challenges.  In a speech to the Economic Club of Canada earlier this month Barkat, himself a former high-tech executive, spoke of his aim to transform Jerusalem into a thriving, open […]

Yissum clinches car sales forecast deal

Yissum Research Development Company Ltd (which commercialises innovations developed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) has signed a research collaboration framework agreement with US automotive giant General Motors (GM).  The deal commits GM to fund research projects driven by Hebrew University researchers in return for the first option on an […]

Google, Israel Museum to see benefit from Dead Sea Scroll deal

Initially the 2,000+ year-old Dead Sea Scrolls were kept closely-guarded to the point at which access to them for research and other purposes was almost impossible. But now, according to a report last week, “High-quality digitized images of five of the 950 manuscripts were posted for free online for the […]

More competitors, more competition: the path to a lower cost of living?

The Israeli government is reportedly considering dismantling some of the country’s largest conglomerates in order boost competition and, by doing so, help reduce prices.  A further move, though with probably more long-term effect, might be the vesting of increased power to minority shareholders in complex companies that have many tiers of subsidiaries, […]

The cost of living: how expensive is Jerusalem?

This weekend has seen unprecedented demonstrations in Israel against the high cost of living, drawing a reaction from the government that this is a problem which it must speedily address.  But, from the point of view of the foreign businessman working in Israel’s capital, just how expensive is it? The […]

“Invention tension” and positive prospects for the future

“Israel: Invention tension” is the title of a piece that was published in the Financial Times this Wednesday.  Written by Tobias Buck, it profiles Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), an enterprise that both funds and nurtures start-ups.  After reciting the ethos of Israel’s start-up economy, Buck goes on to point out […]