Coastal “Silicon Wadi” includes Jerusalem

No-one but a few dedicated fans would predict that Jerusalem would get a mention in an article that describes the world’s most creative cities — but the capital’s boisterous big/little brother Tel-Aviv makes it.  The JBC Blog is delighted to say that, for the purposes of this feature, Tel-Aviv extends […]

“How Jerusalem can help your business”: Moty Hazan to speak

The Jerusalem Business Networking Forum is hosting Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) CEO Moty Hazan on Wednesday 18 January, when he will be speaking on the topic “How the City of Jerusalem can help your Business”. The event begins at 6pm. The JDA is a statutory authority established and operating as […]

Moving money?

The transfer of funds from one jurisdiction to another, not to mention sorting out foreign exchange issues, is a constant cause of concern both for foreign businesses based in Israel and for Israeli businesses that have to remit cash abroad.  Where does one go for advice? Who can you trust? […]

Spotlight on business: a conference

“Spotlight on Business”, the Jerusalem Conference on Getting Started in Business, takes place this Thursday at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center Auditorium, 6 Nahon Street, Jerusalem. The participation fee is a very reasonable NIS 35 (just the cost of a couple of cups of coffee). The programme targets anyone who is […]

Transferring money to an Israeli bank account

In the ordinary course of business it is often necessary to transfer funds from outside Israel to an account with an Israeli bank.  Apart from the obvious requirement of having money to transfer and an account into which to transfer it, you will often need a good deal of information […]

Upward rents make property an attractive business proposition

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has indicated that property rents in Israel remain buoyant especially since the preference for living in the centre of Israel tends to drive up rents in that zone.   This is good news for property investors in the private sector since the supply of public […]