Introducing the Israel Asia Center

The attention of the JBC’ blog has recently been drawn to the existence of the Israel Asia Center. According to the AIC’s website, it’s

…  an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting understanding and furthering cooperation between Israel and Asia. Founded in 2009, the Israel-Asia Center carries out its mission by providing news, features  and analysis on Israel-Asia affairs through the IAC website and newsletters; organizing events, seminars, briefings and cultural events on Israel-Asia affairs; advising journalists on Israel-Asia affairs; and coordinating educational programs between Israel and Asia.

The IAC held two events in Jerusalem earlier this month: one covered Israel’s relations with South Korea; the other marked the launch of the Hebrew version of the Korean book ‘Please Look After Mom’, by Korean author Shin Kyung-sook.

The JBC blog is delighted that organisations like this exist, to foster better understanding and good relations with some important friends and trading partners — and is even more delighted to see  that it has made Israel’s capital the focal point of such worthy events.

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