Introducing the Jerusalem Business Network Forum

JBNF (the Jerusalem Business Network Forum) is a group that might prove useful to Jerusalem Business Center users.  Focused on developing Jerusalem business, JBNF explains that its vision is to make Jerusalem rival Tel Aviv and Herzliya. The group proclaims: In the last four years since we started, we have […]

Good news for airport authorities, but a warning for travellers

According to figures released by the Israel Airports Authority (IAA), last month was the busiest July ever for passenger traffic through Ben Gurion Airport, with a 15% rise being recorded.  In the course of the full calendar month the airport had to process around 1.365 million passengers (this figure is […]

Introducing the Israel Asia Center

The attention of the JBC’ blog has recently been drawn to the existence of the Israel Asia Center. According to the AIC’s website, it’s …  an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting understanding and furthering cooperation between Israel and Asia. Founded in 2009, the Israel-Asia Center carries out its mission by […]

Doing business in Jerusalem: a local comment

Patent attorney Michael Factor chose Jerusalem as his workplace. As such, his reasons for doing so and his personal experiences may help readers decide if the business environment in the City is right for them.  Michael writes: “I am a partner in JMB, Factor & Co, the largest intellectual property […]

“Cultural renaissance” boosts downtown Jerusalem

“Like many major cities, downtown Jerusalem has seen its urban decay and flight to the suburbs. The main Jaffa Road was ripped up to lay a light rail that has been years over due and it’s been a struggle for business to survive. But things are starting to turn around […]

Infinite Memory teaches Chinese to speak English

An Israeli Company, Infinite Memory, based in Rosh Ha’Ayin, has secured a contract to distribute some 100 million memory sticks for MP3 players designed to enable Chinese children to study English. The new technology will replace the old-fashioned cassette players which have been deployed up to now. The scale of […]