Which Business Type Should You Choose?

Which Business Type Should You Choose? Building a business in Israel is a very personal decision. Luckily, it’s an amazing country to work in with many Israel business types that will suit your needs. In a global economy, Israel ranks as number 35 out of 190 economies around the world, […]

Cost of Different Business Types In Jerusalem

Different businesses incur different registration and maintenance costs. By understanding what business type you are, you can predict your cost structure.

What are the legal business types permitted in Israel?

Starting a business in Israel is hard. There is a lot to know. Which should you choose? Here's a breakdown of the business types in Israel

Considerations When You Open An Office For A New Small Business

At some point your business will grow. And then You will need some private offices. Read some considerations for setting up offices for SMBs

Starting An Office As A Solopreneur

As a Solopreneur, Starting An Office is Your Next Step in Your Growth and for Your Brand. Here Are Some Considerations When Starting An Office

What Are Serviced Offices?

Find out more about what are serviced offices and why you should choose one as your preferred office space.