About Serviced Offices

Offices aren’t just functional places of  work. They are the corporate headquarters of professionals and businesses alike. For professionals, offices are also brand elements. They meet clients and add to the client’s’ experience.

Serviced offices help professionals concentrate on their core competencies. Administration, IT support and equipment furnishings can be costly, time-consuming and mentally exhausting. Renting serviced offices reduces non-core focus stress and frees up your time for more important tasks.

Some office centres, like ours, offers meeting rooms that can host large meetings and video conferences. This adds to the authenticity of the office environment. Our clients receive the full package of a corporate environment.

Serviced offices don’t just benefit professionals. They also benefit foreign businesses and startups. Both businesses must heavily on proving that their venture is viable and profitable. Serviced offices grant them the peace-of-mind to focus on investigating and proving their viability. They can direct all attention to the important tasks, especially if they are unfamiliar with the local customs and bureaucracy.

About Jerusalem Business Center

Just as offices aren’t just places of work, so too, JBC isn’t just a serviced office provider. Our offices make you feel like the professional and corporation that you are. You are in a corporate environment. You get the feel of being in a real office environment, as if it were your own.

Jerusalem Business Center, since 2009, helped numerous foreign businesses from USA, Canada, UK and Europe expand its operations to Israel. For these companies, we are a platform that they can use until they are ready for full independence. They can focus on market research, building brand and learning the system.

JBC has also served countless professional consultants.They can rent offices long-term or take advantage of our flexible short-term packages. Jerusalem, being a city of immigrants, houses consultants who work atypical hours (US hours). Consequently, JBC caters to them by granting them access to their office at these times.