Services We Offer

Long Term Office Rentals

long term office rental in jerusalem. just bring your computer and enjoy

Short Term Office Rentals

short term office rental in jerusalem

Meeting Room

Host a private meeting at one of our conference rooms. You can either rent it by itself or you rent it as part of our office packages in jerusalem

Virtual Office

rent a virtual office as your registered office in jerusalem. great for mobile employees
you'll get a private office that is just yours when you rent one of our offices long term

Private Offices

Your office is accessible 24/7 with your own key. Choosing one our single or double Jerusalem offices gives you that true private office experience.

Offices For Any Period

Enjoy private offices for your business. Hire rooms to host clients and be and be seen as the professional that you are. Flexible range of rental options to cover all of your needs.
flexible office rental schedules. rent and come in when you need
let our receptionist welcome your guests when they visit you at one of our jerusalem offices for rent

Multi-Lingual Receptionist

Maximize your efficiency by delegating office management and admin tasks to our helpful and capable multi-lingual staff.

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