Flexible Schedule

Office Flexibility

We do not limit client access to their offices to our working hours. These opening hours only restrict secretarial aid (although we are always available to contact about issues with our equipment). We provide you with a key to access your office according to our rental agreement. You are not limited to traditional work hours. Your work schedule determines the rental period. Reserve an office.

Rental Packages

We custom build our short term office packages to provide our clients with services that they need and will use. Receive only what you need from our packages. If you need additional services later, you can add. Similarly, services can be deducted from a package once they are no longer required. To automatic access to all of our features, please see our long term office package. Our short term office rental packages are about providing our clients with what they need when they need it. That's why our short term rental clients enjoy a highly customisable and individualised rental package. Contact us now about creating your individualised short term office package.

Short Term Reservations

Jerusalem Business Center allows our clients to reserve one of our serviced offices for the amount of time that they require. Our offices are available for short-term rentals. Our clients can reserve any type of office or meeting room for as little as an hour, a day or a week. Don't be forced into a long-term package or a full day rental when you only need a few hours a day. Our short-term rental package guarantees you the satisfaction of an office for as long or short as needed. Reserve your office now.

Prepaid Office Rental (Kartisiya)

Prepaid Office Rental is our way of providing even further flexible short term office rental. Instead of contracting separately each time you need an office for an hour or two, there is an easier way. Purchase as many hours in bulk as you need. Just inform us an hour before you want to arrive and we'll ensure that there is an office for you. Our popular prepaid (kartisiya) rentals are (the prices exclude VAT):
  • Reserve 10 Hours - NIS 760
  • Rent 10 Half Days - NIS 1380
  • Reserve 10 Days - NIS 2100
Purchasing a Kartisya provides a new sense of freedom and flexibility to our short term clients. If you don't know when exactly you need an office, make it easier and try our prepaid packages.

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